Physician Recruitment News

Why Rural Medicine is the Right Move for New Graduates

Posted in October 2017

When most people hear the term “rural medicine” they tend to conjure up images related to farmhouses and tractors, or towns with only one stop light. And let’s be honest, that could very well be the case when exploring some rural medicine opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically take the option off the table.  READ MORE

Quality Physician Philosophy

Posted in October 2017

 For over 20 years RM Medical Search has been committed to finding great candidates for our partners in the healthcare industry. However, many companies can claim that they’re committed to finding great candidates. So, what is it that truly sets RM Medical Search apart from the rest? The answer is the quality of the candidates we provide. READ MORE

Preparing Your Practice for Physician Retirement

Posted in May 2017

In uncertain economic times, planning for the future is critical to maintaining a business, and a medical practice is no different. Key physicians may leave at any time for many reasons, and your group will need to be prepared to fill the remaining gaps. How will you redistribute patients? How will you communicate changes in care to patients? What will your referral base look like after the departure of a key physician? These are just some of the questions that can arise after a physician leaves and while you can’t always be prepared for every departure you can certainly take steps to help your practice prepare for physicians retiring. READ MORE

Staying Organized During Your Medical Job Search

Posted in August 2016

Staying organized during your medical job search will help you properly evaluate each job opportunity and may reduce the sense of being overwhelmed by all the options out there. Using the same set of criteria to evaluate each position, you will be able to determine if it fits your clinical, cultural and professional needs. Evaluate each community for your “fit” – leisure activities, professional options for your significant other, family choices and proximity to family or to an airport. Considering that you may look at 15-20 jobs in a fairly tight time frame, it is important to have a system to stay organized. The first rule: a notebook will be your most important tool during the whole medical job search process, write everything down, and be sure to write legibly so you can decipher your notes later on in the process. Get a couple of spiral notebooks, preferably with pockets in the covers, this will be useful on site visits. READ MORE

Why Outsource Sourcing ?

Posted in February 2017

The answer is simple; to save money and time!    READ MORE

How To Write a Strong CV

Posted in May 2016

A strong Curriculum Vitae is like a business card; it introduces you to your prospective employer. Always strive for a CV that establishes a favorable image of your professionalism in the mind of the reader. It should emphasize your strengths and get you a personal interview, make your CV work for you! READ MORE