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Why Outsource Sourcing ?

Posted in February 2017

The answer is simple; to save money and time!   

Today, physician sourcing specialists  work hand-in-hand with internal recruiters and the result  is higher quality physicians, on-boarded and seeing patients sooner and being retained longer at a lower cost to the organization.


Bigger Pools, Better Physicians

Typically when an organization has positions to fill, the job announcement gets placed on the organization’s website as well as several job boards and then you wait. Wait for an active candidate, a physician who is actively searching for a position in your neighborhood.  

On the other hand, sourcing firms are able to reach out to passive candidates,  physicians who may not necessarily be looking but would consider a transition for the right opportunity.  This leads to increased interest in your positions and ultimately more candidates from which to choose.   We have a list of 670,000 providers in our pool.  That’s a big pool!


 Faster Hires

While it’s nice to have a larger number of candidates to select from, it’s equally important that those candidates are delivered to you in a timely manner. The sooner vacant provider positions can be filled, the sooner the new physicians are able to see patients. When sourcing professionals partner with your recruiting team the result is a steady stream of prescreened candidates that you are able to recruit and hire faster. This leads to an increase in both direct and ancillary revenue in a shorter time frame.


Increased Retention

The equation is simple. The less turnover, the less money spent on finding new physicians to replace ones that have left. The solution isn’t quite as simple. However,  a good sourcing company will prescreen candidates to your criteria before the candidates are presented.  You know the candidates that are delivered to your organization already meet your criteria, saving your internal team time and money.   


 Let Recruiters Recruit

Recruiters today are busier than ever. They have more positions to fill and therefore less time to dedicate to each one. By partnering with a sourcing company the pipeline of candidates is filled for the recruiters and they are left to do what they do best. Recruit.


 Cost Effective 

The bottom line is the bottom line. You’ve already heard about increased revenue from faster hires, and cost savings from increased retention, but making sure you partner with the right sourcing firm is imperative.  Sourcing can be a much better way to get candidates than contingency programs and at a fraction of the cost.   If you have multiple hires within a single specialty,  your savings will be even greater. 

If you would like to learn more about how partnering with a team of physician sourcing specialists can benefit your organization, or to receive a free consultation connect with us today.